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Most of you must have already signed the petition around which this whole thing is being built upon. It is slowly catching pace and I just hope we are able to sustain it. As most of us realize, we do need support in large numbers to be able to make a difference.

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Ok now coming to the purpose of this blog. Only after I had made that online petition, and it started getting quite a bit of support, did I happen to realize that the petition host would provide me your email addresses only once I closed the petition. So there was no way for me to contact or inform anyone, anything in the meantime. And I felt that it is quite essential to keep everyone updated on what is happening.

So thats what I plan to do with this blog here. Hope I do get to post quite a bit here as that would mean we are making some sort of progress, however small the steps maybe.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Premise: La Liga Telecast in the Indian Sub-Continent


Target: Sports Channels and La Liga Authorities
Sponsored by: La Liga Football Fans

Show your support at:


To all La Liga freaks,

There is bad news. For those who haven't heard yet: it is pretty much confirmed that ESPNSTAR (ESS) will not be telecasting La Liga in the Indian subcontinent this season. But rather than sit around and curse those responsible, let us do our best to rectify this situation.

Many of us have been voicing our opinions on forums and blogs. Now what we need to do is gather all these voices at place and shout real hard, so that they take notice.

We contacted the various sports channels but all were non-committal. On contacting TenSports, they did not give a definite reply on whether they would take up the telecast rights, but they still do seem our best hope as they did not turn down the possibility outright.

Being a business organization we cannot blame them as their soul motive is inflating their bank accounts. But let us through this petition, and by all other means possible, show them how much support and following La Liga has in this part of the world.

I know many of us have already personally contacted most of the TV channels to request telecast. But as has been raised in most of the forums, it would be better if we can unite and together try to push across this message. Let us show them how many people are being deprived and, more importantly for them, the business potential that lies here.

For sure, ESS would be losing a huge fanbase due to their decision to not telecast la liga. But this is just to good an opportunity for these other sports channels to take their stake of the market. With all the big stars of football plying their trade in Spain, it seems hard to believe that there are no takers for la liga.

Some figures (from the net):

  • ESS: $ 1 million a year for the La Liga rights (last season).
  • ESS: $ 13.5 million for 3 years EPL rights.
  • Neo Sports: $ 250,000/year for non exclusive rights to the Italian Serie A
  • Neo Sports: $ 100,000/year for non exclusive rights to the German Bundesliga
  • TEN Sports: $ 1 million/year for the Champions League and Europa League

Considering the above stats, does one $ 1 million a year for La Liga, arguably the best league in the world, seem all that high?

Once we have garnered a meaningful support, the community plans to contact:

  • TenSports, Neo Sports and other Sports Channels
  • La Liga Telecast Authorities
  • Major teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona
  • Spanish Football Pundit Guillem Balague
  • ESPNSTAR to see whether they could have a change of heart
  • And more.... Till we succeed!

If you have any ideas, suggestions etc, you can contact the "Get Us La Liga" community at: getuslaliga@gmail.com

Get proactive and show your support!

Please pass on the message to other football lovers.


  1. Great work ! It's a shoddy decision from ESPNStar, and they must be made to see reason!

  2. i just cant explain my grief for not telecasting la liga, m a big la liga fan, and i just dnt know why ESS is not telecasting la liga. its too irritating when i know the match is in move and i cant see it. by the way, its a great work, and i have 200% support. ESS will have to show the el Classico, we must do something before that!!

  3. is this blog still active???
    we want la liga for 2010-11...

  4. Aren't they making enough money by broadcasting La Liga? I was told by one of my friends that TEN Sports will telecast La Liga this season. Is it true ?